Stim vs Non Stim or BOTH!



Editor’s Note: This article is about a discontinued product. We have replaced Dust v2 with Dust Reloaded.

Dust v2 and Hype Reloaded share a lot of similarities when it comes to pump and performance. Both will take your workout to the next level. However, there are several differences between them.

Hype Reloaded = Caffeine & stimulant free. Hype Reloaded’s formula is focused on pump and performance, not just energy. This is a perfect product for those wanting to avoid stimulants.

Dust v2 = Contains caffeine. Dust v2 offers an amazing pump and just like Hype Reloaded, with the addition of two types of caffeine + other ingredients designed for focus and to improve the mind-muscle connection.  

Why do most stack these two? Many stack Hype Reloaded with Dust v2. These are typically those looking for some energy from 1 scoop of Dust v2 and  want to ensure huge pumps along with performance from a scoop of Hype Reloaded. By taking 1 scoop of each product, it’s like getting 2 scoops of “pump & performance” with 1 scoop of energy. If you are stacking, PJ says combine them both in 16oz. Water and drink 30 minutes prior to your workout. Dry scooping Hype you will not acquire the full effect. Do you need to stack them? Not at all. Both products are formulated to be fully effective by themselves. Try them both for yourself and take your workouts to the NEXT LEVEL!