The Importance of Greens and Reds – Juiced Up



When looking at nutrition, certain foods are promoted as “superfoods” to help supply your body with the foods you need. You’ve heard the phrase “eat the rainbow” and there is a reason for this. Foods that are certain colors believe it or not, contain specific nutrients your body needs to function at its optimal best.  

Red foods such as strawberries and bell peppers are high in minerals, and vitamins like vitamin C, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. These are all helpful antioxidants and can treat certain conditions like anemia, indigestion, kidney disorders, cancer, and even heart disease.

Green foods such as spinach, kale, kiwi and so many more are rich in iron, vitamin b-6, protein, and fiber. These foods can help out with digestive issues, absorption of food and are also high in antioxidants. 

Superfoods (greens and reds) are not just for vegans; they are for anyone who is serious about their health. Getting these foods in daily will benefit you short term as well as long term. Keeping you looking fit on the inside as well as the outside.  Getting in all of your greens and reds daily can be a challenge for many. Varying your vegetable intake and adding in fruits to your day are essential but not always practical for many.

Blackstone Labs has an amazing superfood product that is vegan friendly too. We have the solution to your fruit and veggie needs in Juiced Up. Juiced Up is perfect for anyone looking at making up where their nutrition is lacking.

Getting in all of your “superfoods” daily is easy and tasty with our greens and reds powder.  

Yes, protein and carbs are necessary to building a massive physique, but if your insides are rotting away, all those muscles won’t do you any good.

Juiced Up is packed with 100% micronized fruits, veggies, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants that will help fight off any free radical present in your body, defending you from the harsh effects of oxidative stress. 

Juiced Up is the strongest and most powerful fruit and veggie blend available. Plus, you’ll actually enjoy getting in your greens as Juiced Up tastes amazing. NO grassy, chalky, or chunky texture like so many other greens formulas on the market. Fuel your insides so they’re as powerful as your outside with Juiced Up.