Ways You May Be Using Your Supplements Wrong



Everyone who’s anyone in the fitness world uses supplements at some point in their fitness journey.

From protein powders to pre-workouts to specialty glucose-disposing products, there’s something for everyone. There is a time and place for everything in life, and supplements are no different.

Many people are not properly using their supplements for their optimal performance. Here are the top 3 I see regularly that could use a little tweaking to get the best results from your hard-earned money.

Protein powders

Protein powders, especially Whey Isolate Isolation, are fast-acting, easily absorbed, and readily available for the body to use.

The most optimal times for this would be around the workout period. It should be taken about an hour before the workout to ensure optimal amino acids are in the bloodstream while lifting. It can also be taken within an hour after the workout to facilitate recovery.

Instead of whole foods, which can take some time to break down, using a protein lighter on the stomach and faster absorbing will allow you to fully take advantage of the fast-acting effectiveness of protein powder.

Glucose disposal products

GDA products have become all the rage. Blackstone Labs was one of the first to release Glycolog in 2017 and pioneered this category.

Glucose products are usually associated with “Cheat meals” to help partition those nutrients when overconsuming calories and carbs.

This is not wrong! However, taking a GDA with a fast whey isolate and fast-acting carbs like rice cakes about an hour before the gym can help progress by getting those nutrients to the muscles while in the gym when needed.

Optimally, we want to use GDA products when our body demands them during the workout.


Creatine is the most tried-and-true supplement of all time, and for good reason. It works, period. But does when you take it matter? We think it does.

To be the most effective, creatine needs to be taken around the workout period with a fast-acting carbohydrate. Ideally, taking those with a GDA would also be optimal!

Personally, I think creatine with whey isolate, fast-acting carbs, and a GDA is the most effective pre-workout meal. We get everything into the bloodstream to be used during the workout when our body needs it.

Creatine taken post-work with the same setup is also effective, but again, I’m more of a pre-workout kind of guy. Timing your creatine could easily change how effectively it is used, resulting in better results.