What is Recomp Rx?



During the arduous process of building your perfect body, there will almost always be plateaus, walls, and obstacles for you to navigate or break through. Sometimes, you feel like you can’t cut that last bit of body fat, or you feel like you aren’t seeing the gains you had early during your training. To cut enough body fat, you’ll usually need to embark on lengthy cycles of bulking and cutting – and this process doesn’t always yield huge gains or losses. In other words, you’re expending a significant amount of time and energy to eliminate that last percentage of body fat. It can be a tiresome cycle.

Fortunately, we have created a product that helps to both burn fat and build muscle simultaneously: Recomp Rx. In short, Recomp Rx is designed to help your body trade fat for muscle from the strength of ursolic acid. Recomp Rx is a simple product with two ingredients: ursolic acid (125mg) and banaba leaf (60mg). That’s all. As part of your routine, you’ll want to take one capsule of Recomp Rx three times a day with food for six weeks, followed by a 2 week period off cycle.

But what are these two ingredients, and how do they revolutionize body recomposition? Ursolic acid affects the molecular pathways that prevent muscle loss and weakness, so it works to prevent your muscles from falling into a catabolic state. In addition to this, ursolic acid has been shown to promote muscle hypertrophy – the growth and size gain of muscle – and express insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 has an anabolic effect on our bodies, so it helps to build up our muscles, as well. Finally, ursolic acid may also increase muscle growth while reducing fat gain – the definition of body recomposition. Banaba leaf is the second ingredient in Recomp Rx. Banaba leaf is full of corosolic acid, which has the ability to improve upon your body’s glucose-controlling properties. Many studies have shown that banaba leaf can both improve glucose transportation and enhance insulin sensitivity, which means most of your carb intake will go toward building muscle over fat storage.

All of this is great, but Recomp Rx also has another incredible feature: it helps your body create satellite cells. The creation of satellite cells is what truly makes Recomp Rx revolutionary. We all have various amounts of cells, each with their own purpose. By creating satellite cells, we’re able to create more of our already naturally occurring cells. For example, you’ll make new cells for muscle growth, fat burning, skin and hair growth, and more. Essentially, you’ll make more of the cells that make you unique. That means that you could have double the ability to burn fat and gain muscle simply from generating more cells that do just that. Include the added benefits from the ingredients, and you’ll find yourself with improved bone density and less catabolism. No other product on the market can replicate the results of Recomp Rx.

To summarize neatly, Recomp Rx is a body recomposition supplement designed to increase muscle growth while simultaneously burn body fat. With ursolic acid and banaba leaf as the sole two ingredients, your body should begin to prevent muscle loss and weakness, fighting off those nasty catabolic blues while promoting muscle hypertrophy. Add to that a natural increase of IGF-1, and you’re looking at some improved bone density. The satellite cells your body should create provide an extra boost to that muscle growth and fat burning abilities your body already has. The best part is that it’s a natural product that anybody, man or woman, can take. No more crash dieting or dirty bulking after Recomp Rx. Let your body work for you.