Hardcore Supplements vs. Natural Supps: What Does It Mean?



Blackstone Labs is easily the most diverse fitness supplement company on the market today. Here at Blackstone Labs, we offer a variety of natural and hardcore supplements for a variety of different goals and situations. Most of these products aim to enhance men’s and women’s progress in the gym and physique development.

With a range of supplements from pre-workouts to muscle-builders to BCAAs and Protein, we have fitness supplements tailored to assist with almost all fitness goals.

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Hardcore supplements vs. natural supplements

Let’s discuss our most popular products, hardcore supplements, and natural muscle-builders. Blackstone Labs has two main muscle-building supplements: “natural” ones that work with your body’s normal processes and hardcore supplements that significantly change your body’s hormone systems.

Understanding the difference between natural and hardcore supplements is essential for users to make informed decisions. The natural options promote organic growth and balance, while the hardcore options deliver more rapid and intense results.

These terms can bring about confusion about what they really mean. Let’s go over so there’s a clear understanding of what these products are and what they entail.

Halo Elite is a Natural Muscle-Building Fitness Supplement by Blackstone Labs

Natural muscle-building supplements

“Natural” products will not interfere with the body’s natural hormonal systems. Usually derived from plants and roots, these products have different responses on the muscle tissues and brain.

Natural (or natty) supplements are usually preferred by individuals who want to maintain their body’s natural hormone balance. By utilizing plant-based ingredients, they offer a holistic approach to fitness.

We offer a variety from Halo Elite, a plant-based androgen focused on increasing strength, to Epi-Smash, a plant-based anabolic focused on increasing nitrogen retention and muscle building. These products do not require post-cycle therapy and can be cycled multiple times a year.

Check with your federation’s rules on supplements

For athletes in competitive sports, check your federation’s rules and regulations before taking fitness supplements. Your federation or agency may ban the use of certain supplements.

Metha-Quad Extremeis a hardcore supplement for muscle-building by Blackstone Labs

Hardcore muscle-building supplements

Next, the “Hardcore” products. These refer to products that WILL interfere with the body’s natural hormone production and output. We carry DHEA-based products like Brutal4ce, Chosen1, and Methaquad Extreme, all with their own profiles that make each ideal for specific situations based on your particular goal.

Hardcore supplements like Brutal4ce, Chosen1, and Methaquad are geared more toward those looking for fast and intense changes in physique. These products are often favored by competitive bodybuilders and athletes who require specific and apparent outcomes.

Results are generally more dramatic with hardcore supplements but come with some rules. Hardcore supplements need to be followed up with PCT or Post-Cycle Therapy.

Post-cycle therapy after hardcore supplements

We carry PCT V, which will help restore the body’s natural hormonal balance after a cycle.

PCT V can help facilitate a smooth transition back to natural hormone levels after a hardcore supplement cycle. Following the recommended cycle length and break time is vital to minimizing risks and maximizing the benefits of hardcore supplements. Keep your cycles to 3 months at max and take that equal amount off after the cycle ends.

Natural and hardcore supplements offer results geared towards the users’ goals and experience level.

Most users of the hardcore products will even use the natural products in between cycles as a type of bridge to continue gains until their next hardcore cycle.

You can learn more about post-cycle therapy in our dedicated article, but if you have more questions about specific products and want one-on-one fitness supplement support, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or come into our online chat!