Post-Cycle Therapy: Holding Onto On-Cycle Muscle Gains



a ripped man curling during a post-cycle workout

The most important part of your cycle is undoubtedly the post-cycle phase. The post-cycle stage is the moment of truth where the gains either stick or leave. There are countless stories of people getting significant gains on-cycle, only to overlook their post-cycle therapy and lose all their progress.

During post-cycle therapy, there are three main concerns to focus on supplementation, nutrition, and rest.

Your hormones will not initially replenish themselves naturally post-cycle.

Hormonally speaking, things are going to be out of whack post-cycle. Your body has lowered its signaling for making certain hormones as it has seen similar hormones coming from the outside. Your body is brilliant, and it will do this measure to create a sense of balance.

When we remove the outside hormone influence post-cycle, our bodies are still not producing these hormones naturally. Post-cycle therapy is necessary for returning your body to its pre-cycle hormone levels.

The quicker you can replenish your hormones after a cycle, the better.

The faster we can get these hormones pumping internally, the better. Motivation becomes another factor in the post-cycle period. In the transition phase, it is all too easy to allow yourself to slack a bit. Not going for that extra rep in the gym or having that donut becomes commonplace mistakes in the post-cycle phase. Everything you were doing on your cycle to make the gains you did needs to be continued in full force into the post-cycle phase, even if you don’t want to keep going!

We are already making a significant change post-cycle by fluctuating hormonally, so changing these other variables will only give the body another excuse to drop those slabs of muscle you have added.

Best post-cycle therapy supplements

Introducing PCT V in conjunction with Apex Male the day after your cycle ends starts the process of your body kick-starting these natural hormones back to prior levels.

There are tons of additional products that can assist in the post-cycle phase. Natural products like Creatine Monohydrate, Glutamine, and Resurgence BCAA‘s can assist in holding your precious muscle tissue during your transition. All of these things can be used on your cycle to further your gains, and if they were used on-cycle, they also need to continue throughout your post-cycle therapy. Changing one variable at a time is critical here.

Pay attention to your post-cycle therapy to keep your gains.

Getting on a cycle is excellent. There are tons of gains and incredible lifts to be had. But, we must take care of the post-cycle therapy period to make the progress we genuinely want. Getting on cycle, keeping what we have made, and then advancing in the next cycle is the name of the game here. Without this crucial post-cycle therapy period, we are leaving a lot of gains on the table!

Keep your nutrition up during post-cycle therapy.

Your diet during post-cycle therapy must be on point. Nutrition is critical in maintaining the gains and aiding in hormonal recovery. The meals you choose, the timing, and the quality all play essential roles. Focusing on protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates will fuel your body to preserve the hard-earned muscle. Pay attention to the importance of proper nutrition in your post-cycle phase.

Sleep is just as important off-cycle as it is when you are on-cycle.

Post-cycle therapy demands attention to rest and recovery. Your muscles have been through rigorous challenges throughout your cycle and need time to heal and grow. Incorporating ample sleep, proper hydration, and strategic rest days will be critical in retaining your gains. Listen to your body and give it the rest it requires. Overtraining will accomplish nothing. Post-cycle therapy requires active recovery. It’s far easier to lose your progress on-cycle than to regain it.