The Anti-‘Dad Bod’ Stack

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The Anti-‘Dad Bod’ Stack is a 30 Day Cycle of Growth, Apex Male and Glycolog, designed to help kick start any father’s goal of attaining the body of a man in his prime. To sweeten the deal, we’ve also included a 20oz Shaker, our low-stim fat burner, Paraburn, and a free ebook can give you the guidance you need in the gym as you up that weight, build that muscle, and shed those pounds.

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The “Dad bod”, the envy of no man and the desire of no women. It can happen quickly. Skipping the gym for a day or two turns into a year or two and that weekly cheat meal can quickly turn into daily trips to fast food restaurants. Your ever expending waist line, shrinking arms and lowered confidence can start to take it’s toll mentally and physically. Sleep quality goes out the window, energy levels start to wane and testosterone levels plummet to the levels of an elderly man.

The “Anti-Dad bod” stack is here to kick start you back in the right direction! We have combined 3 novel products to cover all bases of quality health to enhanced performance in the gym and the bedroom. Apex Male our natural testosterone booster will get those testosterone levels back up to restore energy and vitality. Glycolog, our insulin mimetic product, will help control blood sugar swings and get that waist line shrinking back into those 32 inch jeans you haven’t worn since high school. Finally, Growth, our natural sleep and growth hormone product will improve the quality of your precious sleep, which is the basis of all health and performance.

FOR FREE, we have also included Paraburn. A lower stimulant fat burner with the equivalent caffeine content to a cup of coffee. This fat burner contain 6-paradol which specifically targets stubborn body fat by increasing the amount of calories you burn at rest.

BUT THATS NOT ALL! We are also including a free Blackstone Labs shaker as well as an E-Book to help guide you on your “Rocky” style come back and avoid injuries in the process. This entire package is available for $149.99. A savings from its normal value of $274.99! Take advantage now and reclaim your glory days!

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