.035 #AskPJBraun

.035 #AskPJBraun

Aiming to get caught up on the questions, PJ and Josh rapid fire through questions related to Apple Cider Vinegar, Gyno, BSL Jerseys and more.

To get your answers questioned for free send an email to askpjbraun@blackstonelabs.com, and include your Instagram or name.

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Currently Prepping for a show - 00:50

I'm currently prepping for a show a little over 10 weeks out and I'm currently taking 100mg of Tren E, 100mg of Test E, and one Arimidex every other day. I'm planning to switch to Tren A about 5 weeks out and add in winstrol tabs. I'm currently having a bit of trouble with some gyno symptoms, mainly just hard/sore nips 
So my question is, what Blackstone products or other substances can add to help both from a physique stand point to continue to hold on to muscle/possibly gain while cutting fat and also minimize or eliminate the negative side effects I'm experiencing?
Also, am I being to much of a bitch with my dosages? I know its all dependent on the person so to give you an idea, I'm 5'9", 197lbs, and about 8-9% BF. 

Chosen1 pct? - 04:25

Hi this is Achilles_the_greatt again. I’ve been using recomp rx and glycolog the past 2 weeks and am liking the results. I’m eager to try other products such as chosen one but have never taken prohormones before so I would like to know what I’m getting myself into before I try. After a cycle of chosen one, should I use PCT? If so, how long does PCT last? Are there any side effects? Would any gains be lost after I go off cycle? 

Keto in Mexico? - 06:32

I eat Keto but will be going to Mexico in November. I'm not planning on going crazy but enjoying myself while there. 25th Anniversary! What are your thoughts on using Glycolog 1-2 times a day and then following up with your Evaporate for fluid retention?  I will usually put on 3-5 pounds of water after a carb-heavy weekend. 

Apple Cider Vinegar - 07:21

I again want start out this email by saying that you have no idea how much I appreciate that you do this and everything else you do for us. I will never stop saying thank you. I am loving my progress on Project PJ Supplement Stack. 
Question 1What are your thoughts on Apple cider vinegar? If you're a fan do you think that people should take it at night or in the morning and if they take it in the morning I'm assuming they should take it after their cardio?
 Question 2 ...would you recommend someone train different and recommend a different form of cardio if they're on carb cycling or keto
Thanks again.  
P.S. Josh I love watching your stories... you are hysterical

Advise on fitness journey! - 09:08

Looking to lose fat and tone.  I am taking 2 iu hgh and Clen 5 days on 2 days off. I have Clen in 60. I usually take 90 and then up to 120.  I’ve added in the recomp 3 times a day and glycolog one a day at a high carb meal.  Not sure how long to do that for.  Or if there is a better combo?  I was 130 when I looked my best, and have gained and have extra loose fat and skin.. lower body is my problem area. Definitely still need to continue to eat clean and train.  Wanted your expert opinion of best way to help lose fat and tone? 

Supps for my goal - 11:25

Thanks for the info you put out every week. I found your company during the “Beat PJ” too late to be part of the contest, but used it for motivation to finally get my ass in gear. I’m 36, 6’1,” and with the help of Blackstone products have gone from 237 to 211 and counting. My goal is to get to 200 and be in better shape (more muscle mass) than I was in high school. For supps I take:
Morning before work:
4 Apex Male
2 Recomp
1 Epicat
1 Anogenin
1 ViperRx
1 Trojan
Evening before bed:
4 Apex Male
2 Recomp
1 Epicat
1 Anogenin
3 Growth
1 Trojan
I also throw in a single recomp on occasion with my Dust preworkout.
I notice some bottles say clinically dosed, and I recall a podcast where you said bottle dosages take into account people who can’t help but over do the supps. What items in my stack can I up for more results?
Does apex increase free or total T?
A friend mentioned Ksm 66 to me, can it be combined with it?
How does Halo Elite compare to your pro hormones? Is there concern for hair loss? Could it be added to my current stack or would it replace something like anogenin?
Is it possible paraburn is more effective for some people than ViperRx? I hit a plateau about the same time I made the switch over to Viper and was curious.

When should I start Recomp? - 16:02

I’m currently 11 weeks out tibsaturday, this might sound dumb but when’s a good time to start running recomp? I’m in school so I’m budgeting but will make room for this product to show everyone my results and that it works. Thanks M’Lord

What to do about Gyno - 16:29

Hello pj, i have a question as far as gyno that i got from a tren cycle. I stopped lifting for a while and was 260lbs then about a year ago i got back into it and shredded off 40lbs to see if it was chest fat or gyno. Right now i sit at about 218 give or take and everything on my body is somewhat toned besides my bottom chest like under the nipple. That being said i think i do have small gyno. Im currently testing product from steel supps cause u said on ur cardio q and a that they are a good company so my question to you are: 

Can small gyno be shrinked or reverse?

Nolvadex, arimidex or letro to try and reverse/shrink it ?

Can it be taken by itself ?

How many mg and for how long ?

BSL Jersey - 17:50

Would you consider releasing a BSL football jersey for football season....I have my old Species, BSL and GASP ones but obviously would prefer to represent with a BSL one.....

New Halo Elite vs Old - 18:07

Are there any differences between the new Halo Elite and the previous version?

New Anti-Estrogen - 18:15

I am very excited for the new anti estrogen product, when will it be available?

Stack Progress and Random Questions - 22:04

Fucking stoked that y’all answered my questions I really appreciate it! Couldn’t believe that Josh remembered me, that shows the absolute dedication that the members of Blackstone have. 

I am in the legion now and it seems to be growing consistently, I have enjoyed being able to reach out and communicate with fellow Blackstone ballers. In your opinions, how is the legion doing and what are your goals for it in the next year?

I’m now a redneck in the north and about to have my first real snow experience, have either of you ever skied or snowboarded? 

I know the muscle boys listen to music working out, bout time to update that Spotify isn’t it? What’s your go to get pumped song if you have one?

PJ I have been posting my content during the times that you specified and using the hashtags that reach out to the most users while I gain my followers on Instagram. Are there any small tricks that you haven’t mentioned before that could help?

Here are my before and after stack pictures, I started out weighing 210lbs and finished off at 236. Very impressed with the results and strength gain, it was immense! I ran Brutal force, abnormal, Metha quad and chosen one for 12 weeks straight along with gear support and eradicate. The last 4 weeks I added halo to the stack because it had just came out. I believe next time I’m going to double up the dosage to see the results, what do you guys think?

Thanks for everything guys until next time

Loyalty is everything,

Milk Thistle - 30:28

Thank you for an awesome podcast and for the return of cardio Q+A. Mega motivation and I can't wait to jump into next year's transformation contest. 
Anywhoo, I read that many cycle support products include milk thistle (except Gear Support #gearsupport20) but that milk thistle clears the liver too much, making orals almost useless. Can you speak at all on that? 

Insecure about being shirtless - 31:31

I’m at 7% bodyfat with ripped abs. I’m still insecure about taking my shirt off at the beach to impress women. What should I do? Should I go down to 2%?

My First Cycle - 38:20

Hey pj I have been thinking a lot about running my first cycle and finally decided to go ahead with it. 
Was wondering if a test only cycle cycle is good at 250 mg test ethanate per week? Or should I just go with 500 a week? And also when should I start pct? Right after the cycle or should I wait for a bit?
I have also decided to use HCG at 500iu's during the cycle and nolvadex as pct at 40mg for 2 weeks and 20 mg for another 2.

Leg Training & Fasted Cardio - 41:02

Thank you for all that you do and for taking the time in answering questions. One day I aspire to be part of your legion and will not stop until I'm there. I want to ask you a little about leg training and fasted cardio. What's the best workout for max growth on the wheels? Fasted cardio pros and cons?

Questions on Weight Loss - 42:37

I have a few questions about weight loss. It started back in January 2018 when I joined in the beat pj contest. I started out at 400lbs at age 36 and as of today I am 306lbs. I am very happy with my transformation. But I feel like I have hit the wall with cutting the fat down. My last BMI reading was
Fat 32.7% and BMI 39.7%
Right now I am eating 2700 to 3000 calories a day with my macros goals at Carbohydrates-173g
fat -92g
Now this is daily targets
Gym wise I am going about 4-5 times A week adding in cardio doing 20-30 mins from bike to treadmill walking and lifting weights as well. I keep it to no more then that due to me moving a lot at my job due to running a warehouse I am alway walking around and lifting things.
Supplment wise I am taking
Recomp rx
Halo elite
Glycolic log when I have carbs over 40g
Whey 3
Juiced up
Was thinking about adding in apex male to this stack. Don’t know if I should.
What do you think I could change to help move some lbs would like to get to 290 have not been there in 5yrs in my weight.
Now I can’t add any hard supplements due the wife and I doing IVF. Now also will any of this effect my swimmers since we are doing IVF.
Thank you for your time and I will never take RedCon1 1 ever again ha ha 
October 26, 2018 by Blackstone Labs
.034 #AskPJBraun

.034 #AskPJBraun

 After a brief hiatus, #AskPJBraun is back! This week we cover acne, DNP, Recomp RX and more!

To get your answers questioned for free send an email to askpjbraun@blackstonelabs.com, and include your Instagram or name.

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Enlightenment - 01:04

Hello guys, awesome product that y’all put out. I’ve been a supporter for a few years now and haven’t been disappointed yet, all I can do is talk about how good the stuff that y’all put out is. 

I’m on a stack right now, gonna ride it for 12 weeks and can’t wait for the results. I’ll send some before/after if you want. 

A few episodes back PJ said that eradicate can have a good effect on those fat bottomed girls. I mentioned it to my girlfriend but she is hesitant and I would like for you to explain more on that subject if you could. From what you said they hold more estrogen down there, if like to get her on a better routine and whatnot but reducing that phat bottom could help( even if lord Braun likes them).

I’m interested in the legion, you’ve talked about it a lot. I am interested in the legion big time for sure. I’m not huge on instagram but the legion is something I would like to be part of, is there a huge push to gain followers on Instagram for the legion? I’m sure I could grow just as anyone can with time but I’m not sure if that is the type of people you are looking for in the legion.

Acne Question - 04:40

’m 36. I had acne as an adolescent as I went through puberty.  Mainly on my face.  Did a few  cycles in my early 20’s with what I would consider “mild” acne on mainly back and shoulders.  Fast forward to 6 months ago..using test, decca,  dbol, sustanon, drol, tren and masteron, and HGH...Different times, different doses, different esters. About 20 weeks.  Acne got VERY bad. Going to have scaring. However I want to continue forward and want to compete in the future but not if acne continues. I wasn’t taking any AI, I would take nolvadex whenever I felt a flare up coming on.  Appreciate the time. Emailed back if you’d like and I’ll watch for the podcast. Thanks bud! 

Should I Take Arginine? - 08:21

What’s up boss! Austin Phillips here. 2 part question here:

1) This is more of a theory that I have and I’d appreciate your opinion.
I remember a while back the Guerrilla Chemist making a post on a study stating that 6g of arginine taken orally before resistance training can blunt GH and IGF-1 levels by 41%.
With that in mind, and also considering that higher levels of nitrogen help with protein synthesis, would it be more beneficial to take arginine (or another N.O. increasing product such as Hype or Hype Extreme) post workout, thus increasing nitrogen levels in the blood and improving 1) nutrient uptake due to vasodilation and 2) better protein synthesis due to the higher levels of nitrogen?

2) I noticed a “copycat” brand (Redcon) hit the shelves semi-recently at Vitamin Shoppe. Could you explain the pros and cons of distributing to places such as Vitamin Shoppe and GNC?

Thanks for all you and Josh do! So proud to be a part of this team. #LegionLoyal

Metha-Quad and Chosen1 Stack - 14:48

Going to stack metha-quad and choosen1 with maybe yk-11. Any thoughts??and would I need gear support, test support,and an estrogen support with this stack. 

Blackstone supp advice - 16:09

Hi PJ n staff. I was listening to the pod cast, and loving it . So I figured I’d write in n see what kinda help you could give ( advice
I’m a competitive men’s bodybuilder . Bout 5’6 210 lbs pretty lean all year under 10% ( prob lower) bf. I run cycles , test tren , mast , winni ect , and or sust , anadrol , deca /npp . Hgh and insulin . I’m pretty good with my PED. But my supplement game is off. I normally just take bcaa creatine and carbs pre and intra-workout . Iam a union construction guy so I’m always moving all day. I seem to have low energy levels all the time. If you don’t mind helping out, what Blackstone soups can I take in combo with my current cycle to boost mood, energy, focus , mental alertness ect... and to also make my cycles more productive? 
Thank you for your time , I look forward to hearing from you . If you need any additional info let me know and I will provide.

Posing Routine Advice - 19:04

Hey fellas! Hope all is well and again thank you for always taking the time to do this, and for the all the love from my new engagement! 

My question is: When it comes to your posing routine, how do you prioritize what's important to have incorporated? 
Thanks guys, and BLACKSTONE FOR LIFE
DNP - 21:11
Whats the best dosage with DNP and with what diet? How long should I run it ?
T3 Cycle/Rank Looks - 23:13
Hopping back on a 16 week cycle again , refering to the braunster for advice . In the past you mentioned its not exactly the substance but the nutrition associated with , to bulk or cut  . In calculating macros , im curious if theres a rule of thumb on increasings macros while introducing peds ( test, decca, dbol, tren ). Ultimately attempting to add lean muscle with reduced or lower fat accumulation . Blowing up to 260 from 205 in two months last cycle had me breathing like a pug and wanna taper that down a bit .
T3 questions - I follow nick trigili and after hearing his comments regarding t3 , questions have arose before a first use . Whats the “standard” for t3 dosage ? Whats the typically length of use ?(Just a general spectrum-rule of thumb ). T3 appeared to be a frequented substance by a lot of people , but Nick seemed to have hesitation regarding the use (long term effects ).
Now we cant just stick to the redundant cycle questions , so heres an entertainment question ...... 
PJ and Josh - Rank looks  1,2,3 ( haha if its not a compromising question )
Sammy bornstein , coach K , Nika 
Thanks for all the knowledge gained over the months  guys , its appreciated !!!!! BSL!!
Product Idea - 33:11
Hey PJ I have a question and a story to tell you. Firstly I bought the Euphoria product and took 15 of them. This was pretty much the entire bottle. It made me feel great. Not rushed, but super "excited" and relaxed. During this time I came up with an idea. I understand your company doesn't do lifting equipment, but I thought I would tell you about it, because I don't want to do it myself. The idea was a adjustable barbell, which would be similar to a adjustable dumbbell, but it is a bar. I thought it would have a rack that you put it on and there are knobs at the end of the bar so you can adjust the weight. If someone designs this well enough and markets it correctly I bet they could make mellions of dillers. That might be kind of a dumb idea, but I thought I would throw that out there and whoever has the inclination to patent it first would probably make lots of money. It has never been made before btw. I also have a pet Russian tortoise. I know you like reptiles so I thought i would tell you that. My question is how old do you need to be to get sponsored? Because I am 16 and a bodybuilder. I don't have an IG, but I'll get one soon. If you can give some more details of sponsorships in your answer it would be much appreciated. Also you got to get Shelby in more videos if you can. Thank you. Kpissoutbye.
Unexpected Recomp RX Results - 37:52
Just finished binge listening to all 33 podcasts over the last month during my daily 3 hour commute. Wanted to hear them all before asking any questions. First off, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions week after week and spreading your wealth of knowledge. You truly are an inspiration, not just for bodybuilding, but for all aspects of general health and fitness. I have many questions, but I’ll limit it to one or two per email and spread them out, so I don’t take up too much of your time. Besides, this might end up being a long email, so I apologize in advance. 
First question. Some background. I’ve been taking Apex Male and dust extreme consistently for about 9 months now, trying other BSL products here and there. Apex Male kicks ass, and is the only test booster I’ve ever taken that I can feel and notice working, and I have experimented a lot. It’s also the only one that seems to effectively prevent estrogen caused acne as a result of the product. I’m extremely prone to Acne, especially cystic acne. I’ve tried chosen one, for example, and had to stop because nothing I did seemed to stop the Acne I had from it. I’m sure it’s an indirect cause, DHT levels most likely.
In walks RecompRX. My expectation was to use this product along with Trojan horse and of course Apex Male and DustX, simply trying to get those two last stubborn abs to show down under. In the second week, however, I noticed another side effect, beside my already changing physique. My acne was nearly gone. I couldn’t completely assume it was RecompRX, of course, so I did my own process of elimination and removed only the RecompRX for about a week. The acne returned. Got back on it, and a week later I could already see my skin clearing up. 
My question is, what’s the science behind this? I did my own research and saw all the great benefits of the ingredients, however, nothing specifically mentions skin. Any thoughts or insight on this? Also, is there any danger simply staying on this product indefinitely? My next step will be to add in chosen one or even jump straight to methaquad and see if the addition of RecompRX limits the acne side effects I saw before. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted in case anyone else is experiencing similar issues as me. 
Second Question. This is more of a story that just happened to me, and curious to see what stories come out of those in the room. It’s similar to PJs IG issues last week lmao. #theDERM. Recently I was conducting my daily “metime” ritual when the sound cut off. I thought it could have just been a poor video and continued along my business. Shortly after the sound returned. All was good. Until my wife walked into the house. Evidently, My phone had automatically connected to her Lexus Bluetooth when she pulled into the driveway, as I had used it earlier that day. She was pissed, as apparently porn had been blasting in her car. Volume was all the way up. 
For PJ and those in the room, whats the most embarrassing sexual experience you’ve ever had? 
Thank you again for all you do. Hope that last one wasn’t tmi. 
Very Respectfully, 
Methaquad20, RecompRX20, ApexMale20, TrojanHorse20, DustExteme20, chosenone20
#loyaltyiseverything #thederm 
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.033 #AskPJBraun

On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about Ruined Gains, Getting Your Bench Up, and More!

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.032 #AskPJBraun

.032 #AskPJBraun

On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about UFC, Blood Where It Shouldn't Be, New Supplements, and More!!

To get your answers questioned for free send an email to askpjbraun@blackstonelabs.com, and include your Instagram or name.

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.031 #AskPJBraun Ft Nick Trigili

.031 #AskPJBraun Ft Nick Trigili

On this episode of #AskPJBraunJosh and PJ interview and announced our newest Blackstone Labs Athlete and Blackstone Trainer, IFBB PRO Nick Trigili!

To get your answers questioned for free send an email to askpjbraun@blackstonelabs.com, and include your Instagram or name.

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.030 #AskPJBraun

.030 #AskPJBraun

On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about UFC, Blood Where It Shouldn't Be, New Supplements, and More!!

To get your answers questioned for free send an email to askpjbraun@blackstonelabs.com, and include your Instagram or name.

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.029 #AskPJBraun w/ We're Wolves

.029 #AskPJBraun w/ We're Wolves

This week Josh and PJ sit down with AJ Diaferio from We're Wolves in a special edition #AskPJBraun!

Guest: A.J. Diafiero

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.028 #AskPJBraun Podcast

.028 #AskPJBraun Podcast

July 06, 2018 by Blackstone Labs
.027 #AskPJBraun Podcast

.027 #AskPJBraun Podcast

On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about MethaQuad, Athlete Standards, How The Legion Turned Out, and More!

To get your answers questioned for free send an email to askpjbraun@blackstonelabs.com, and include your Instagram or name.

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.026 #AskPJBraun Podcast

.026 #AskPJBraun Podcast

On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about Cutting Hard, Showing Our Troops Some Respect, Alien Invasions and More!

To get your answers questioned for free send an email to askpjbraun@blackstonelabs.com, and include your Instagram or name.

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Cutting Hard - 1:22

Hi PJ,

I have a question, not sure if it needs to be on the podcast, but I wanted more insight on how you went about your cut, how much of a deficit you were in, cardio days per week and overall thoughts and recommendations.

I've attached my plan for my 12 week cut (Macros attachment), as well as two photos. I am 30 years old, 5'8 and 190lb female. I am looking to be quite aggressive with this cut and you can see how I plan on slowly taking away my calories, while using cardio as an additional tool. Since majority of my weight distributes in my things I feel like I could be doing more cardio than planned and maybe even being more aggressive with my calories. What are your thoughts in increasing my current cardio plan, do you think that would be wise to bump that up or mainly focus on increasing cardio only when the weight has stalled? Like I said I want to be aggressive and know that that will come at losing muscle if I lose too quickly, but feel like I have enough fat to lose to take it aggressively. Keep up the hard work, love the podcast!

Respect Our Troops - 8:51

Hey pj

This is a question that might stir up some controversy.

Its about redcon  1 ....

Buy why would somebody start a supplement company and completely market it around the military ??? When the person who started the company has never served in the armed forces himself ???

I find it odd...to me it looks like the person simply uses the military as a sales pitch to sell products under the armed forces umbrella.

Muscle VS Height -  11:02

Hi, this is “achilles_the_greatt” again. I apologize I wasn’t specific enough with my first question so I’ll add some details and I hope it helps. One thing to keep in mind when I made the transformation from 150-193ish is that I grew height wise during that 2 year period, so some of the weight gain was due to a growth spurt. Went from 5’9-5’11. Age 19-21(my current age). When I say bad diet I mean a really bad diet, as in eating literally any types of foods, I focused solely on mass instead of staying as lean as possible while gaining muscle. I mostly ate fried foods and junk food in general, no planned diet whatsoever. I did mostly powerlifting workouts but often overtrained and didn’t work out smart. Somehow I managed to get a lot stronger regardless. It’s hard to know how much muscle I actually gained but i would assume a lot since I was much thinner at 150ish and couldn’t lift nearly as much at that weight. I gained most of the fat in my stomach but everywhere else (arms legs etc.) didn’t change much as far as fat gain. If I had to guess my bodyfat based on looks I’d say I was 16-17%, but that’s just a guess. As  I’ve done bodybuilding these past 6 months I lost fat progressively mostly with a clean diet (fish, turkey, beef, oats, rice etc) and some cardio. I eat 180+ grams of protein each day. I’m now much leaner at 186ish, probably 12-13% bodyfat, having lost a lot of fat and replacing it with muscle. The reason I know I replaced it with atleast some muscle is because I’ve gotten bigger and stronger in the process of losing fat. Same with how I don’t know how much muscle I gained in those 2 years, I don’t know how much fat I actually lost since I didn’t track it with a dexa scan or anything related, but judging by looks it was a lot, enough to where I didn’t have a belly anymore, had visible abs and arms, shoulders, and legs all got leaner as well to where veins began to show again. I guess my question is since I didn’t train smart the first 2 years of lifting nor diet well (as in I just ate anything as long as it had a lot of calories), would I be able to make consistent gains from here on out, let’s say for example 20lbs more muscle in about 2 years. Another factor is I just train a lot different than I used to, doing much more volume (4-5 sets, 15 to even 20 reps at times). There was a time where I stopped feeling sore after what I was originally doing in that 2 year period. But now I almost always get sore after my new set of bodybuilding workouts, especially leg workouts. I’ve heard height usually determines how much muscle you can gain in a lifetime naturally which is why I’m asking if 20lbs more muscle is a realistic goal since I’m already 186 at 5’11. Reminder, I’m 21 and just finished growing height wise.

Alien Attack! - 15:00

Hey what’s up PJ and Josh. I have two questions for you guys.

  1. If you were not working for Blackstone or in the fitness industry in general what would you be doing? I love hearing about people’s history and how it has shaped them. I grew up wanting to be a chef. Life had a different plan and I am now a firefighter and it’s my true calling but I still have a passion for cooking and expressing my creativity in that way.
  2. If aliens invaded and were about to blow up BSL but you had time to save one product. What are you saving and why?

Thanks for being so open and accessible!

Starting A Ranch…? - 19:44

Hi Josh and Peejai 💞

This is PJ's favorite person in the world 🌎🌏🙌🏻. I feel bad because I've made the questions that have lead to podcastening tears 😪😫😭. Thank you for opening up. Today's question is in much better spirits!

Have you thought about being the next Michael Jackson 🎶 and moving to Neverpiss Ranch to have even more reptiles, cats, dogs and a giraffe?

Thank you! I love you always forever near and far closer together everywhere I will be with you 🙆🏻‍♀️🎶🦄🍇🍉.

June 22, 2018 by Blackstone Labs