Guerilla Chemist Radio Episode 23: Fasted VS Non-Fasted Cardio

November 03, 2016 1 min read 2 Comments

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This Week on GCR, Bryan and Celeste discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Fasted VS Non-Fasted Cardio.

2 Responses


December 09, 2016

I heard if you do fasted cardio and feeling very good along the day after then you burn fat, but If you feel like damn whats wrong with me, everything is pain, I mean joints and etc then you burn muscles instead fat
And I felt it and the scales showed me i lost some weight but I also started to feel weakness, so i couldnt lift the weight which i used to lift.
so I found for myself that the best cardio is cardio after lifting weight. like 20-30 mins after 1 hour lifting


November 09, 2016

What products you recommend for bulking, more of a harder mass look ?

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