President, CEO, and fearless leader PJ Braun takes a stroll through the Blackstone Labs warehouse today. As he passes palette after palette of our great products, he takes a moment to point out just where we get all of this.

Since our inception as a company, we have been more than glad to have worked out a lasting partnership with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

PJ himself has just departed on a trip to Hi-Tech's base of operations in Atlanta for a few meetings and also to see firsthand the state-of-the art methods of production they use.

We often get asked where we get our products manufactured, and it's really great to see the level of professionalism and innovation Hi-Tech is known for. They work with a lot of other clients much larger than us with substantially higher demands, which they always meet, another reason why we value our long-standing partnership.

So stay tuned, because we will soon be posting more videos right here about Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, as well as some exclusive, behind-the-scenes looks from PJ's trip.


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