Blackstone Labs Product Knowledge 101

August 02, 2016 1 min read

Blackstone Labs President and CEO PJ Braun takes us into his home for a very special announcement.

We would like to introduce to you and welcome the newest addition to our family! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tristen Esco!

Tristen is an absolute monster and we couldn't be happier to bring him on board.

With that said, we were eager to take him (and you) on a grand tour of the complete suite of Blackstone Labs products.

No matter what your goals, whether it to bulk up huge and go into full beast mode like Tristen, or to go deep into reducing body fat, and attaining dramatic definition for that unquestionably shredded, striated, dry look.

And at Blackstone Labs we want to cover all bases and never leave you high and dry. We pride ourselves in making full support of any of our products. Aromostrat inhibitors, post-cycle therapy, organ health, we've got it all!

We are so excited to see how far Tristen can go now that he has the full weight of Blackstone Labs behind him. Follow us and Tristen to tag along on his new journey into pushing his body to the limit.

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