Working Out to Avoid Injury with Tristan James

November 10, 2016 1 min read


Blackstone Labs here and ready to bring you another trip on the gain train!

Tristan James joins us today for an excellent shoulder routine.

He begins by warming up the rotator cuff, which is so vital before undertaking exercises like these. Not only does it prevent serious injury, it also enbales you to reach your maximum ability when training.

He also shows us his preferred pre workout stack: 1 half of a scoop of Dust V2 alongside of 1 half scoop of Dust Extreme, saying that he "doesn't like ALL of the stims, jsut some of the stims."

Having broad shoulders is directly asspociated with a more masculine look to how your body carries itself. In doing these exercises, not only will your overall strength increase, your size, frame, and how you carry yourself will as well.

Trust an expert like Tristan when it comes to muscular development, as well as overall muscle health. He's a licensed massage therapist and a damn good one at that. You can follow his official Instagram account for tons of content relating to fitness, exercise, etc.


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