#BeatPJ 2022: 20k+ in prizes, 25 winners!

How to enter #BeatPJ contest

  1. Buy any #BeatPJ stack from now until January 31, 2022 - use code BEATPJ to save a total of 30% off all #BeatPJ stacks (10% stack discount + 20% coupon discount)
  2. Email your order number and before photo (hold a newspaper dated between December 1- and January 31st, 2022) to beatpj@blackstonelabs.com
  3. Email your after photo (holding a newspaper dated between April 1-30th, 2022) to beatpj@blackstonelabs.com


How to win #BeatPJ contest

  1. The winners will be chosen on greatest overall body transformation
  2. We will compare your before picture against your after picture to determine a result


PJ Braun diet and coaching

  1. Each entrant will receive a diet plan via email to help guide them to a first place finish.. follow the diet!
  2. Receive free diet and coaching advice from PJ Braun during his daily Cardio Q&A live sessions on his instagram @pjbraunfitness until January 2022
  3. Receive free advice by submitting questions to
    askpjbraun@blackstonelabs.com and tune into the weekly LIVE sessions run by Billy and Gen
  4. Do you want to join Team Billy or Team Gen? Submit your request to
    beatpj@blackstonelabs.com and that coach will reach out to you.
  5. Follow along on Billy and Gen’s LIVE Q&A’s to be aired on Instagram
    @pjbraunfitness weekly. Times and days to be announced
  6. Want Billy or Gen to coach you? If you are part of #beatpj you will get full
    coaching through completion of the contest for only $800. Submit that request to beatpj@blackstonelabs.com


#BeatPJ Contest Rules

  1. Entries accepted until January 31st, 2022
  2. Ends on April 30th, 2022
  3. Purchase one #BeatPJ stack from blackstonelabs.com or utilize the mail-in method explained in section 5 below.
  4. Only domestic customers ARE ALLOWED to enter
  5. Full terms and rules here: https://blackstonelabs.com/beatpjterms


#BeatPJ $10,001 transformation contest

  1. First place receives $10,001 cash
  2. Second place receives $3,000 cash
  3. Third place $2,000 cash
  4. 4th - 10th will receive $500 in store credit
  5. 11th - 25th will receive $100 in store credit