How to enter #BeatPJ contest

  1. Buy any #BeatPJ stack from now until January 31, 2018 - use code BEATPJ to save 40% off all #BeatPJ stacks
  2. Email your order number and before photo (hold a newspaper dated between January 1-31st, 2018) to
  3. Email your after photo (holding a newspaper dated between April 1-15th, 2018) to


How to win #BeatPJ contest

  1. The winners will be chosen on greatest overall body transformation
  2. We will compare your before picture against your after picture to determine a result


PJ Braun diet and coaching

  1. Each entrant will receive a diet plan and outline to help guide them to a first place finish.. follow the diet!
  2. Receive free diet and coaching advice from PJ Braun during his daily Cardio Q&A live sessions on his instagram @pjbraunfitness
  3. Receive free advice by submitting questions to and tune into the #AskPJBraun podcast for in detail explanations 


#BeatPJ Contest Rules

  1. Entries accepted until January 31st, 2018
  2. Ends on April 15th, 2018
  3. Purchase is required - one #BeatPJ stack from is necessary for entry
  4. International and domestic customers ARE ALLOWED to enter - there are no restrictions
  5. Jason Genova cannot enter unless he also shows a proof of purchase for a quality drone


#BeatPJ $10,001 transformation contest

  1. First place receives $10,001 cash, trip to Northern Invasion concert in May, and one year of coaching from PJ Braun
  2. Second place receives one of every Blackstone Labs supplement
  3. Third place receives one Blackstone Labs supplement shipped to your house every month for a year


Blackstone Labs Legion Members

  1. Legion members are eligible, and encouraged, to participate
  2. The winning legion member will be awarded with a sponsorship for the 2018 year
  3. If the legion member also wins the overall #BeatPJ contest, they will be awarded $10,001 IN ADDITION TO the overall non-legion contestant who wins the first place prize