How to enter #BeatPJ contest

  1. Buy any stack from the website (or purchase two or more supplements through the call center)
  2. Email your order number to
  3. Deadline for entry is October 31st by 11:59pm


How to win #BeatPJ contest

  1. We will pick a winner for each of five classes: Men's 175lb, Men's 175lb-200lb, Men's 200lb+, Women's Physique Figure, and Women's Bikini. Each class will win $2,000!
  2. Additionally, an overall winner and their coach will both receive $1,000 each!
  3. LEGION, we haven't forgotten you. If you win your class and are part of the legion you will receive an additional $1,000!


PJ Braun diet and coaching

  1. Receive free diet and coaching advice from PJ Braun during his daily Cardio Q&A live sessions on his instagram @pjbraunfitness
  2. Receive free advice by submitting questions to and tune into the #AskPJBraun podcast for in detail explanations 


#BeatPJ Contest Rules

  1. Entry deadline is October 31st
  2. VIDEO: Final video must be submitted between December 21-23, 2018 via email to, reference your order # in the email
  3. POSES FOR MEN: Front double bicep, rear double bicep, abdominal pose, free pose, side front or rear pose
  4. POSES FOR WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE FIGURE: Front double bicep, rear double bicep, abdominal pose, free pose, side front or rear pose
  7. Purchase is required - one stack from, or one order from the call center, is necessary for entry
  8. International and domestic customers ARE ALLOWED to enter - there are no restrictions
  9. Jason Genova cannot enter unless he also shows a proof of purchase for a quality drone


#BeatPJ $10,001 transformation contest

  1. The winner of each class will receive $2,000
  2. The overall winner will win $1,000
  3. The coach for the overall winner will win $1,000
  4. LEGION Bonus: Any legion member who wins their class will receive an additional $1,000 on top of their other prizes


Blackstone Labs Legion Members

  1. Legion members are eligible, and encouraged, to participate
  2. Each winning legion member will be awarded an additional $1,000 for their class