.028 #AskPJBraun Podcast

On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about UFC, Blood Where It Shouldn't Be, New Supplements, and More!!

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UFC 226 predictions: 00:01:00

This is the Super Bowl weekend of the UFC.  What are your predictions on these fights:

Uriah Hall VS Paulo Costa

Michael Chiesa VS Anthony Pettis

Paul Felder VS Mike Perry

Francis Ngannou VS Derrick Lewis

Stipe Miocic  VS DC

Also what do you think of Max Halloway being pulled from his second fight in a row?

Questions (from Vincent Nguyen): 00:05:02


Thank you for offering this service of answering any questions I may have on bodybuilding.  There were a few questions that I would like to get answered to progress of my fitness journey.

  1. I currently do an ab circuit for 15-20 min every second day a few hours before my workout.  How consistent should I be training abs and how long should these sessions be?
  2. When cutting, is there a certain maximum deficit you would recommend?
  3. What supplements would you recommend when cutting to preserve muscle mass?

I hope you are able to get time to answer my questions, it would be much appreciated.

Gyno: 00:07:29

Hey is there a way to get rid of gyno without surgery cause I can’t afford surgery?

Ask PJ Question! Thank you: 00:07:58

Hey Pj, I have two questions, thanks in advance.

My question is about starting a career as a personal trainer both online and in person. I dont have any professional experience training clients however I have been seriously bodybuilding for 4 years, im 22 years old.

Ive also had 2 really solid coaches who are 212 pros out of worlds gym in san diego who ive learned a ton from.

My question is how do I go about getting started because it seems like you need an instagram following to do anything these days and I dont have a big one, so obviously I need to focus on that as well. I feel like i really do have alot to offer clients but I dont know how to display it. Ive wanted to compete and could realisticly do well. I feel like that would at least put me on the map and give me some credibility, Im not trying to compete for a living though.

My goal is to train clients in person (with some online clients) and build my reputation around that, not some online coach who takes on way to many clients to possibly give personalized plans.

How open should I be with PED use with clients? I do have a solid understanding and use really responsible doses from usually pharm grade gear I get prescribed.

Next question,

I listen to Andy frisella alot and he talks about companys having sales and how that devalues your company because people will just wait tell a sale happens to buy, and you guys do seem to have alot. What's your perspective on having sales and what that does to your brand image?

Thank you

Tren Cycle: 00:12:54

Hello Pj,

The question is while take a low dose of Tren A (50mg every other day) how much Test Mg and which test should you stack with it weekly/ daily and how often.

If there a recommended pct and estro blocker to take during / after.

Adrenal Care: 00:18:38

Adrenal Care is a newer product, can you discuss the actions and benefits.

Reverse Dieting: 00:20:18

Can you discuss the proper way to reverse diet.  Currently in week 8 of a 15 week diet and want to have a good plan to reverse out.  Started at 238, currently at 216, goal is to level out at 200-205.

Post Contest Hydration: 00:23:50

Lets try again.  Can you elaborate on the time Aaron Singerman did a show and almost killed himself by drinking alcohol after the show and spending a few days in the hospital with his electrolytes all messed up.

Question: 00:28:28

Is too much cardio bad?
What splits are most beneficial to the body?

Oh mah gawd there’s blood in mah urine!: 00:28:58

M’lord PJ,

I’m on TRT (200mg test cyp 1xweek, 250iu HCG 3xweek, and .5mg arimidex ED because EOD wasn’t enough to combat my estrogen conversion).

About 4-5 weeks ago I began noticing constant acne on my shoulders. They’re not all juicy poppers, most are just small bumps.

About 3 weeks ago I started peeing blood and blood clots at the end of urination. Some small like the tip of a ballpoint pen and some large like the end of an expo dry erase marker. It hurt to push them out.

A normal person would have immediately gone to the ER, but since I don’t have insurance and I’m too cheap to pay hospital bills, that was out of the question. I basically rested for a few days and it ran its course and went away.

My question is, I’ve been researching the acne and hematuria (blood in urine) and traced it back to possibly being DHT related. Elevated DHT causes BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia aka enlarged/swollen prostate) which causes a UTI or inflamed prostate which causes blood in my urine. The elevated DHT would also explain my constant shoulder acne.

My thought is that because my e2 came back at almost 60 on .5md Arimidex EOD, that most of the test I’m shooting is converting to DHT and estrogen. I’m waiting on blood work results to see what my free test is to confirm my hypothesis, in the event that I am right, what would you recommend to combat the DHT conversion?

PS, thankfully I still have all of my hair.

Also, if it pleases the crown, might I get a copy of the women’s weight loss plan from the Beat PJ contest for me girlfriend? I’ve had really good success with the men’s diet so far and that got her interested in shaping up as well.

Thank you in advance, m’lord.

Podcast Question (form Mike Peskin): 00:33:02

If you were to create BSL from the ground up today, what would you do differently if anything.

New Supps?: 00:34:11

What is going on Lord Braun and Josh?
I just wanted to know what new supps are coming out. I know you mentioned something about Equalizer and an IGF-1 supplement coming out. I just wanted to know more about anything new. I know it’s kind of a shitty question because it still could be a year or two out but being Blackstone for life it give me something to look forward to!
Also what are your positions on using a weightlifting belt for squats and deadlifts? I used to use one a long time ago but stopped. I could always lift heavier with it on but is it ok to sacrifice core strength for numbers?
Thank you so much, Blackstone Labs is Pj Braun labs

What would PJ ask?: 00:37:40

Hi bother Peejai 💞 and Coath Josh!

This is your favorite person in the world 🌎 🌏🙌🏻.

Bother PJ, you recently went to Mexico. If I'm not mistaken, Fabian had similar position to that he now has in BSL but in a different company? I've seen he-who-shall-not-be-named go to India expos. My question is: why 🤔? USA middle class is rich upper class in comparison to many of these developing countries' and your products are worth more than every cent, but expensive to said middle class? Why not focus on Canada, Europe and dawn undah 🇦🇺? I think there are one or two supplement companies whose USA sales represent only a fraction of their sales, but could that be a sign of them now going as far as said market can go 🤔?

I'm VERY curious, being that I'm not in USA and I see every company in every country wanting to get into USA🇺🇸. With a few exceptions like DHL which is miniscule there.

Why does no one talk about Chyna 🇨🇳? Is getting supplements into the second biggest economy too hard 🤔?

Second question: who have you learned business from? Musical artists can say they've learned their trade from Michael Jackson 🎶, Elvis, James Brown,, who have you learned your business trade from,, and what would you ask them if you could 🤔? I learned more from MJ than anyone in my trade lol 😙.

Thank you I'm very thankful that  you answer our silly questions. Hopefully Girl and Man behind Girlman 🌸🌼 persona will have the opportunity to talk to you soon 🙏🏻🍀🤞🏻, lots of love to ya 💞 💕💖 🎶🦄 🍇✨

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