Guerrilla Chemist Radio, Episode 1: Intro + Nootropics

January 01, 2016 1 min read 2 Comments



Blackstone Labs' very own Chief Science Officer, the Guerrilla Chemist, has his own podcast! Responsible for formulating some of our newer products, Bryan Moskow has both a chemist and a bodybuilder. It is his personal mission to pull the veil away from the dietary supplement industry, educating anyone with the desire to listen on not only what the countless supplements on the market do, but how they work.

Today's episode is both an introduction to the podcast as well as a lesson on Nootropics. Nootropics are a loose category of substances that improve cognative function. Anyone can use them. You'll find them everywhere. Nicotine, Adderall, and Ginko Biloba are commonly recognized, but there are many others. Noopept, for example, is a relatively new one that can be found in Blackstone Labs Dust v2, Dust Extreme, and Resurgence.

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Dr. Canzoneri
Dr. Canzoneri

January 04, 2016

Hey Brian,
So awesome to find a link to your podcast right on the main page for Blackstone Labs!!
Proud of you brother!!
Great first episode and looking forward to more!


January 02, 2016


I would like to hear about anogenin – 5a Laxogenen and the science behind it.

there isnt much on the internet that i can find.


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