Video Content Weekly Round-Up 7/30-8/5

August 05, 2016 1 min read

Blackstone Labs Product Knowledge 101

With that said, we were eager to take him (and you) on a grand tour of the complete suite of Blackstone Labs products.

No matter what your goals, whether it to bulk up huge and go into full beast mode like Tristen, or to go deep into reducing body fat, and attaining dramatic definition for that unquestionably shredded, striated, dry look. 

Project Rookie Episode 20 | The Final Episode

Cody is back with the final installment of his Project Rookie Series. It's been fun and thank you all for the support. You'll see some off season back training footage and you can help Cody decide on a name for his next video series as he prepares for the 2017 contest season. Watch and enjoy! #blackstonelabs #ProjectRookie

Blackstone Labs Presents: Badass Chest Workout With Tristen Esco

Blackstone Labs latest athlete, Tristen Esco, takes us through a badass chest workout. He provides instructions and insight to get the best pump and blood flow to develop your chest muscles.

Freedom of Expression: Support the Nudity

This athlete flash sale was inspired by negativity on the internet. We support everyone clothed or unclothed.

Be sure to use your favorite athlete code all day today and save 30% off on all Blackstone Labs orders! Sale ends Friday at midnight.

PJ braun supports nudity & freedom of expression stop the hate.