Blackstone Labs, back again! This time we're coming to you live and direct from our Boca stomping grounds, Busy body fitness.

Normally, we get to watch president and CEO PJ Braun crush shit up in the gym, but for some strange reason he feels like he is "fat and ugly, and tired of seeing himself."

We know, of course, that none of this is true, but it is nice to see him pass down the mantle of Badass Workout of the Week.

And how! This week we are graced by Laurin "with an 'I'" Conlin. Not only is she an IFBB bikini pro, but she also holds a master's degree in exercise science.

Our newest star athlete, Laurin has some big shoes to fill. Luckily for all of us, she takes the reigns with supreme confidence.

Today, she takes us through what she calls a pre-activation routine. Think of it like a warm up session with a turbocharger.

Today she takes us through sets of deadlifts, front squats, and accessory work for afterwards. We could go on, but Laurin does a much better job than we ever could, so we'll let her do what she does best!

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