Blackstone Labs, coming at you again with some of that premium-level content you want so badly.

Today, we join sponsored athlete, UFBB pro, Mr. USA himself, Cody Montgomery!

He took trip down to Blackstone Labs HQ in the sweltering tropical paradise that is South Florida. Accompanied by the lovely Lindsay Rey, Cody takes us along for a ride in a day-in-the-life style journey.

Today's objective: EAT! As you may know, diets are so key in the realm of bodybuilding, especially to hardcorfe atheltes like Cody, we has to work obscenely hard to maintain his impressive physique.

It's not all burgers and cheese, though. Cody makes a point to keep his diet as clean as he can, opting to find choice cuts of chicken to go with some rice.

He throws in some soup and calls it a day. While he admits that this meal isn't 100% bodybuilding clean eating, he shows that you can still get a lot of calories without resorting to fast-food "gains."

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July 18, 2016 by Blackstone Labs