Molecule Monday: CDP-Choline

Happy #moleculemonday! CDP-choline is part of an emerging class of molecules known as nootropics, which are designed to improve cognitive function. CDP-choline acts as a choline donor, which is then converted into Acetylcholine(ACh). ACh is a neurotransmitter that is found in your central, peripheral, autonomic and somatic nervous systems and is responsible for things like muscle contraction, heart relaxation, and can affect short term memory. CDP-choline has been shown to improve memory recall, promote memory formation, as well as neuroprotection. Some rat data suggests an increase in dopamine release, as well. CDP-choline works best with an cholinesterase inhibitor(enzyme that breaks down ACh) like Huperzine A, or to a lesser extent, caffeine. They also work really well with racetams, like phenylpiracetam(I'll do a separate post on those later this week). Basically, nootropics are great way to increase mental focus and acuity without the feeling over over stimulation from caffeine and other stims. CDP-choline can be found in #resurgence by @blackstonelabs. Typical doses of CDP-choline are 500-1000mg a day as a standalone, and dose-dependent when using a racetam(normally a 2:1 or 4:1 ratio).


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