Molecule Monday: Berberine

Happy #moleculemoday! Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body, and it's the biggest reason bodybuilders compete in the 270s instead of the 240s. Nutrient partition products use ingredients to help your body maximally utilize insulin to replenish glycogen and build muscle, rather than store fat(insulin is a storage hormone and has the ability to do both, depending on energy stores, macros available and other factors). Berberine is one of the only supplements that has human data that shows efficacy on par with pharmaceuticals. It's main properties are activation of AMPK, which leads to fatty acid oxidation, inhibition of cholesterol synthesis and lipogenesis, increases in muscle glucose uptake and insulin secretion(amongst other things). Focusing on muscle glucose uptake and insulin secretion, Berberine was shown to very effective as a glucose disposal agent in serval studies. It works by increasing phosphorylation of the insulin receptor, insulin receptor substrate 1, and protein kinase B. Berberine also inhibits the enzyme PTP1B, an enzyme that down regulates the insulin pathway which can also lead to insulin resistance. The main problem with Berberine is it has terrible bioavailability. Glycolog uses Super Berberine, which is Berberine encased in cluster dextrin. This was shown to increase solubility by over double of Berberine in a simulated gastric environment. Super Berberine also contains sodium caprate, a fatty acid that increases diffusion of Berberine through the epithelial cells in the intestine. I have been taking it with high carb meals, specifically with my intra workout and post workout meal. That's how I would recommend using this product.

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