Guerrilla Chemist Radio - Episode 3: Pump Products and Pre-Workout Insulin Theories



On this week's episode of The Guerrilla Chemist Radio, Aaron and I discuss different the most popular Nitric Oxide (NO) pump products, how they work, which ones you should take and which ones you shouldn't waste your money on. We also talked about Milos Sarcev's pre and intra workout theory on how having the right combination of aminos and carbs can lead to huge amounts of muscle, and how insulin plays a major role in muscle growth. As always, lastly we answered questions that you wrote in via the Blackstone Labs website/Facebook page/Instagram.

January 14, 2016 by The Guerrilla Chemist


Eddie maalouf

Eddie maalouf said:

I love the third episode. Very practical information for the common lifter. If like to see more episodes with ingredient based chemistry and how it affects the body. Such as In fat burners and other commonly used supplements


Carl said:

Hey Guerrilla !! Can you please touch on cardarine , everyone is talking about it on the moment and i want to know your thoughts on if you think it is safe or not ,

thank you

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