Molecule Monday: Arecoline

February 02, 2016 2 min read

Happy #moleculemonday! UPDATE: I have gotten so many questions about the safety and effectiveness for this molecule since it popped up in supplements a few months ago, and I've been trying to dig up any research on it. Arecoline is a nicotinic acid derivative found in betel nuts. In Asian cultures, this nut is often chewed for its stimulatory effect. Arecoline is a partial agonist of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptors, and is used to enhance cognitive function and slight stimulant effect(similar to that of nicotine). Arecoline is making headlines for another reason, however: chewing on betel nut has been linked to mouth and throat cancer! Does that mean the arecoline extract is carcinogenic? The data I've seen doesn't suggest that at all. Right now, the only human studies I can find show arecoline's ability to slow down the progression of Alzheimer's and induce REM sleep. More research is needed, but there are 8 safety papers I personally read and assessed. The clinical doses used in rats, 1-5mg/kg (16-68mg human dose) were all deemed safe. These studies lasted only 2 weeks, but 2 weeks in a rat is equivalent to 1 year in a human's live. Also, chewing is different from ingestion. Chewing causes the formation of N-nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic. Also, many of users chew 14-23 betel quid a day!! Far from the 3mg you'll get in a supplement. This ingredient is found in #dustV2 from @blackstonelabs and I will absolutely love it.  Great stimulant effect without the jitters and slightly euphoric. Remember: there is a TON of incorrect and one sided information online. My sources are all from published journals and my education. #musclechem #fitfam#blackstonelabs #bodybuilding #arecoline#ifbb #supplements #preworkout #science #chemistry#flex #fitness#workout#gym#gainz#gymlife#npc#powerlifting