Molecule Monday: TUDCA

January 11, 2016 2 min read

Happy #moleculemonday! I've gotten a lot of requests for this so here you go! Taurousodeoxycholic acid aka TUDCA, is a bike salt made up of Usodeoxycholic acid(UDCA) and the amino acid taurine. It's been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to heal sick organs, where they had to actually kill bears for their bile to obtain TUDCA. More recently, however it's been extensively studied for liver enzyme function, cholestasis, and even improving insulin sensitivity. I'm going to mainly focus on liver protection for this post, though. There are a few very important liver enzymes that, when not working properly can cause jaundice, fatty liver disease, hepatitis and even liver failure. Compiling these studies, a dose of anywhere from 500-1750mg a day was shown to significantly lower the most important liver enzymes, in some cases up to 51%. TUDCA's mechanism of action is improving bile flow, which if impaired can cause serious damage to your liver. It does this bc it's a molecule that's both water soluble and fat soluble(amphipathic). This also helps protect liver cells from apoptosis(programmed cell death) via reducing inflammation and stress of the endoplasmic reticulum. All of these things happen when you take oral androgens, so TUDCA is proving to be almost invaluable for liver protection during a cycle. The minimum effective dose seems to be 500-750mg, with better results around 1000mg a day. I would also add in NAC, which I'm a huge believer in for liver protection via a completely different mechanism. The combo should be very effective in minimizing liver damage while taking orals or high doses of androgens. #musclechem #bodybuilding #ifbb #npc #physique #powerlifting #bestself #workout #ripped #shredded #preworkout #flex #fitfam #lift #gym #gainz #gains #science #chemistry #fitness #gymlife #instafit #supplements #nutrition #gymtime #blackstonelabs#liver#health