Molecule Monday: Teacrine & Caffeine

Happy #moleculemonday! So I've talked about TeaCrine before, but here are a few updates I received after speaking with the patent-holders of TeaCrine. As I've mentioned, it binds to the adenosine receptor just like caffeine, however a recent study showed that you don't build up a tolerance with TeaCrine like you do with caffeine. Caffeine's effects can diminish in as little as 5-7d of consecutive use, where this doesn't seem to happen with TeaCrine. It's also been shown to increase solubility of other stimulant compounds 5x greater than caffeine does. Also, I'm awaiting the data from the study, but the patent holders told me that TeaCrine has more of a nootropic effect vs caffeine and works extremely well with a choline donor like CDP-choline or alpha GPC. I will be getting samples of this combination hopefully this week and I'll give my review on this combo. TeaCrine, like caffeine doesn't have a significant affect on fat burning, but data suggests it does increase energy and concentration, as well as decrease fatigue and anxiety. I have used TeaCrine before and the effective dose seems to be somewhere between 50-150mg, optimally taken with caffeine and a choline donor. You won't see TeaCrine in a lot of powders yet bc the taste is so bitter, however I'm told they are working on this issue as we speak. I'll keep you updated as I get more info.



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