Arm Workout with Tristen Esco and Cody Montgomery


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Arms: Perhaps the most liked muscle group to train of all time. They are easy to get a nasty pump going, they develop quickly, and of course, draw a lot of attention from other people as soon as they begin to grow even slightly. It has even been suggested that a man's arms are what women find to be the most attractive feature of a man's body.

Regardless of how you may or may not feel about this, Blackstone Labs' very own golden boy Cody Montgomery teams up with rising star and soon-to-be celeb-status athlete Tristen Esco take us on a journey to bicepular/tricepular enlightenment.

Watch as the two up the intensity time and time again, pushing it to the limit the way so few are capable of doing.

Use this as a model for your own training routines and get swole. Do it!


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