Laurin Conlin's Restock at Blackstone Labs

October 17, 2016 1 min read


Laurin Conlin, Blackstone Labs sponsored athlete and IFBB bikini pro took a trip down to our own supplement nexus in Boca Raton, Florida. She's 3 days out and looking to restock her suite of supplements she uses to help her meet and exceed her goals as a competing athlete. We were, of course happy to oblige.

For protein, she utilizes both 3-Whey and Isolation, our two protein supplements. While 3-Whey is a blend, and Isolation is pure whey isolate, she switches between the 2 depending on how her taste buds are feeling at the time.

Laurin's Pre-Contest supplement breakdown includes:

  • Everyday:
  • Most Days
    • Trojan Horse (night time fat burner)
    • Growth (at night to enhance sleep and increase GH levels)
  • Training Days, Pre-Workout
    • Hype (non-stim pumps)
    • Dust v2 or Dust Extreme (depending on training intensity)
    • Glycolog (with Pre-Workout meal. 3 Pills for normal meal. 1 pill for every 10-15 carbs for smaller meals)


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